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International Pharma Products
Anti Malarials
Antibiotics & Anti-Bactarials
Antacids/Anti-Ulcer/Anti Emetic/ Anti-Cholinergics/Anti Diabitic
Anti Cold/Anti Allergic/Anti Asthmatics
Vitamins/Dietary Supplements
Anti Psychotics
Hormone Drugs
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OTC Pharma Products
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International Veterinary Products
Domestic Pharma Products
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Nutraceutical Products
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Quality Policy:
Our quality policy upholds cGMP standards. We ensure adherence to the International standards and a timely supply of goods with credible cost. Customer satisfaction is our motto with a persistent effort to achieve the market leadership international market. We administer Quality Management System on a regualr basis to maintain the standards of quality.

We have approvals from various ministries of health & regulatory agencies for the sales & distribution of our products.

Quality Control:
With our strong adherence to stringent quality control, we strive to bring you world class products.

We assure quality of our products by regularly inspecting the facilities, systems and procedures to meet the current GMP norms.

Our commitment to create healthier global communities, we create intensive & symbiotic relationships with our business partners. This is reflected in our business ethics, trust & transparency and quality standards.
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